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The book


[psi] is a book you’ll hardly be able to compare to anything else you’ve read before because I actually didn’t even write it—it wrote me. Everything was dictated by a mind we knew nearly nothing about up to now. In order for us to believe this, the book reveals seven unusual proofs. Even before the book was first presented to the public, these proofs stirred up intellectual circles because [psi] provides answers that science has been seeking for a long time.

Despite all of this, [psi] is an easy-to-read novel. So the truth is accessible to everyone. In order for you to recognize it yourself, you first have to learn how to understand yourself. So take a look at yourself in a mirror unlike any you’ve ever seen yourself in before: [psi] is the mirror of your psyche. Perhaps you’ll find your own true world in it: the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.


The Content

Eros is a modern-day young man who runs away from home because of being disappointed in love. By a coincidence that isn’t coincidental, he ends up in an unusual world of all thoughts. There he meets a dog, who is a metaphor of Life, and who reveals the first of the seven secrets to him. Eros thus learns the truth. This revelation heals his pain, but in turn Eros owes Life a favor: he must return love to humankind.

As the book continues, Eros finds himself in twelve completely different worlds, which represent the psyches of twelve people and twelve human characters. Each world also represents a specific social group. The seemingly simple story conceals a complex structure, which offers readers an interesting insight into the world of their own thoughts, values, and conceptions of themselves and others, while revealing how differently one can see, perceive, and understand the truth.

Even though you may think you’re reading the book, you’ll soon discover that actually the book has read you.

Creating the Book

The story about how this book was created is even more unusual than its content. It came to the writer in one of his dreams, the night of 25 December. At the end of the dream, the writer held in his hands the exact kind of book you now see before you. He looked at its front and back cover and then opened it to see who the author was, but the author was not revealed.

Who the Book is Intended for

[psi] opens up to anyone that wants to understand the background of his or her life. What’s interesting is that everyone understands it a bit differently. Rest assured that you won’t simply lay this book down on a pile with all the others. Because [psi] is nothing but the naked truth.

It’s remarkable how quickly and deeply the book has affected completely different readers. Here you can read what those who’ve already read it think about it.